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The Ship Reliance / Johan Heinrich Burchard / Limburgia 1914

Built for United American Lines, in 1914 and named Johann Heinrich Burchard. Remained incomplete through World War I. Sold to Royal Holland Lloyd, in 1916 and renamed Limburgia. Amsterdam-East Coast of South America service. Completed in 1920. Sold to United American Lines, in 1922 and renamed Reliance.
This brochure for Tourist Class Deck Plans was issued in 1934. A 16 page booklet, it contains four sets of Deck Plans, three exterior photos, and 21 elegant interior and deck photographs, and fares.

The Ship Reliance / Johan Heinrich Burchard / Limburgia 1914

The "Reliance" was a 19,618 gross ton ship(1), built in 1914 by J.C.Tecklenborg as the "Johann Heinrich Burchard" for Hamburg America Line. Her details were: length 590.4ft; beam 72.5ft; three funnels, two masts, triple screw and a speed of 17 knots.

There was accommodations for 315 first class, 301 second class, and 850 third class passengers. She carried a crew of 480. Launched on February 2, 1914, she was provisionally delivered on November 20, 1915 but due to the Great War, never sailed under her original name. On June 8, 1916 she was handed over to Royal Holland Lloyd as reparations for Dutch neutral ships sunk by the Germans, and renamed "Limburgia".

In 1918 the Allies demended the transfer of the ship and a long delay ensued. On February 3, 1920 she left Bremerhaven for Amsterdam, still under claim and then served on the South America route. Finally, in 1922 she was transferred to United American Line, New York under agreement with Germany to re-open a passenger service between New York and Hamburg.

She was refitted to carry 290 first class, 320 second class, and 400 third class passengers. She now weighed 19,582 gross tons and was rechristened Reliance.

On May 2, 1922 she commenced her first Hamburg - Southampton - Cherbourg - New York voyage and in 1923 was transferred to the Panamanian flag. Her last voyage on this service commenced June 25, 1926 and she was then re-acquired by Hamburg America Line. On August 24, 1926 she resumed Hamburg - Southampton - Cherbourg - New York sailings for these owners and in May 1930 was refitted to carry first, tourist and third class passengers.

In June 1931 she was again altered to carry first and tourist class only and on August 6, 1935 started her final Hamburg - New York voyage. She was subsequently engaged in cruising until 1937 when she was modernised by Blohm & Voss, fitted with broader funnels and given accommodation for 633 first and 186 second class passengers. On August 7, 1938 she was gutted by fire at Hamburg and in 1940 was sold and scrapped by Krupp at Bremerhaven.

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